Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need an Animal Adoption Center in Pittsboro?

We need an animal adoption center in Pittsboro because 8 out of 10 cats and 5 out of 10 dogs need more time to find their forever homes. With limited space at the County shelter, too many adoptable pets are dying. We can do much better if we just try.

We want it in Pittsboro because it draws people from Wake, Chatham and Orange Counties and will allow for more life long guardians to visit and potentially adopt animals.

What will you be using the donations for?

To gather together enough people and businesses to support and fund the animal adoption center takes time and a certain investment in promotion, outreach and events. Beyond outreach and events, we primarily are using donations to build an adoption center fund. Our primary goal is to get the Animal Adoption Center built. We make every effort to be as cost effective as possible, but there are outreach and administrative costs which we try to keep to a minimum.

How much money do you need?

The goal for building a new animal adoption center is 1 million dollars. $750,000 for the building and $250,000 for two years of operating expenses. These numbers are based on a donation of land by Chatham County or the Town of Pittsboro.

How soon do you want to build the center?

By the end of 2015.

Who is Guardians of Angels?

Guardians of Angels is a North Carolina registered non-profit and our mission is:

Where did the idea for an Animal Adoption Center come from? 

The original idea came from now-retired Animal Control director, John Sauls, who was tired of killing adoptable animals. It is run by a Board of Directors and is audited by Koonce Wooten & Haywood, LLP. Guardians of Angels is also relying on you to be part of our team. 

With so many rescue and foster organizations why is an adoption center necessary?

We fully endorse and support the efforts of the local rescue groups, however, despite their ongoing heroic efforts, too many cats and dogs are routinely euthanized at the county shelter. Many of these animals are adoptable if only they had more time and space to live and meet their life-long guardians.

Why not rent space instead of wanting to build a new Adoption Center?

Guardians of Angels is option to any and all options to help animals. However, because of the infrastructure, proper plumbing, ventilation and acoustics, the retrofitting of existing spaces in the end is more complicated and expensive than building from the ground up.

Why should we become members?

Probably the single biggest reason to become a member is to provide evidence to any who need it that you are in support of an Animal Adoption Center in Pittsboro.                         

The Guardians of Angels Humane Society is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit 

audited by the North Carolina accounting firm, Koonce Wooten & Haywood, LLP

All donations are tax deductible.

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