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  • Mon, November 12, 2012 3:12 PM | Anonymous
    Guardians of Angels has announced four open positions for volunteers in Chatham County, North Carolina.

    To take us forward in 2013, we are looking to staff several part-time volunteer positions:

    Treasurer ( Board of Directors ) 

    Administrative Team Lead 

    Field Team Assistant

    Spay Day Lead

    Step up in an official role with the organization that is committed to ending pet homelessness in Chatham County by acquiring land and building an Animal Adoption Center for cats and dogs, kittens and puppies.

    To inquire or recommend someone, email or call 919-542-3244 to discuss it.


    Action Steps You Can Take:
  • Sun, September 30, 2012 3:07 PM | Anonymous
    Patti and John Liegl shared this with us:

    All of our current seven (3 dogs and 4 cats) are rescued and have great stories. This is Hope & Luv's story. 

    Puppies, Hope and her litter-mate Luv were dumped off in June 2000. They couldn't have been more than 8 weeks old. 

    Hill Creek Vet told us at the time that at least two other pairs were dumped in the county as well, likely litter-mates.

    Hope and Luv were living in the culvert not far from our neighborhood. 

    Food would not draw them out. 

    Water was the only way we could get Hope out as it had been so dry that spring. 

    As I held Hope, who was loaded with ticks, my dear friend Rae crawled through the 90 ft. culvert to back Luv out. Luv was so frightened she could not come out on her own. 

    Luv ended in the arms of my husband and dear friend Robert. 

    It began to rain and we took shelter in our garage, with two new pups, all of us soaking wet and crying in appreciation of these dear souls. 

    Twelve years have passed quickly and the "sisters" are still very close. They have been such a blessing to both our families.

  • Thu, September 20, 2012 1:46 PM | Anonymous
    A kind woman called me today to ask me why we needed an Animal Adoption Center when we have organizations like C.A.R.E. Chatham Animal Rescue and Education.

    I explained that C.A.R.E. is a rescue group, like Pet Savers NC

    Local rescue groups pull animals from shelters, like the Chatham Shelter to foster and adopt them. 

    The purpose of Guardians of Angels (GOA) is to build an Animal Adoption Center like those in other counties. 

    GOA fully supports the efforts of rescue groups as they do great and essential work. It's oranges and apples, I explained. We need the efforts of a whole community of animal protectors to end pet homelessness.

    Despite the heroic efforts of rescue groups, and even other centers like Paws4Ever in Orange County and the SPCA in Wake County, who routinely pull animals from county shelters, too many cats and dogs are euthanized every week. Per the Chatham Shelter's statistics, 80% of the cats and 50% of the dogs are euthanized. There's just that many homeless pets out there.

    So to make a dent in the suffering of these animals, we need to add more resources to the system, and an Animal Adoption Center is a core resource to add in the County. 

    GOA didn't come up with the idea, the idea came out of the Chatham Shelter: a former director of Chatham County Animal Control proposed the idea of an Animal Adoption Center for Chatham County. The County Shelter does not want to euthanize adoptable animals. But they need our help is making this Center a reality.

    It is going to take the efforts of the whole animal protection community: 
    • the County Shelter, 
    • ALL the rescue groups, 
    • a focused spay and neuter program and,
    • the proposed Adoption Center.
    The proposed Animal Adoption Center for Chatham County is intended to house dogs, cats, kittens and puppies for long periods until they can be matched with their life-long guardian. It's intended to be an inviting and friendly place where families, seniors and children all feel welcome and get a chance to interact with the animals and learn about animal care.

    The Animal Adoption Center is intended to ADD resources to the animal protection community, not take any away. We will always need rescue groups, we are just focused on a different kind of resource to help support all of our objectives - to end pet homelessness in Chatham County and euthanization.

    GOA recommends that you take action: 
    • write commissioners, 
    • join a team, 
    • support events, and 
    • donate to make it happen.
    AND, when we are supporting the mission to end animal homelessness and euthanasia, we also support the efforts of others. 

    Yes, GOA is a long way from our one million dollar goal, but this is about the animals. We are NOT in competition with anyone for support and funding. Anything we can do along the way, anyone we can support will strengthen us all, lead to more cooperation, resources and success in ending the suffering of homeless pets.

    At the end of our conversation, this kind lady said that she would support both C.A.R.E. and GOA. "That's great", I said. It makes no sense to stop doing what is being done in order to do something in the future.

    When adoptable animals are saved, the whole community wins. But these animals need all of us, now and in the future.

    Let's work together, support each other and make it happen.

    Click here to donate to C.A.R.E.


    Post by Guardians of Angels founding member Terry Dorsey.
  • Sat, August 11, 2012 2:26 PM | Anonymous

    I remember reading about this mountain climber.

    He had tried many times and invested thousands of dollars to reach the peak of Mt. Everest.

    On his last trip he came face to face with a life-changing decision. He came across a fellow climber who was passed by and left for dead by many other “fellow” climbers. This Good Samaritan climber choose to stop and try to save another climber’s life, giving up his own dream so another might live.

    I often think of this selfless man, because I am often stopping for the dying myself; dying or left-for-dead animals in the roads in central North Carolina where I live.

    Chatham County, like everywhere, has its share of wildlife accidents. So often, folks will drive by an injured animal on the road assuming that it's dead, if they even see it.

    I stop.

    I feel compelled to.

    64 West towards Chatham County from Wake County, across Lake Jordan

    I move the animals that are dead out of the road so that other animals that are drawn to it are not killed.

    And, every so often, the turtle, vulture, squirrel, or opossum is alive and in need of medical attention. I have had all of these species in my car at one time or another, and it was off to the wildlife center.

    The turkey vulture was the most interesting passenger, and the by far the smelliest! I learned a long time ago that turtles are often still alive and suffering a slow and painful death, while many a motorist zip by with the convenient assumption that they are dead.

    Why, if we revere life, do we so quickly assume that these wild animals are dead?

    A few years ago I was asked to look at the possibility of building an Adoption Center for cats and dogs in Chatham County.

    As I stepped up to the plate for that project, knowing as I do that it is not uncommon for up to 50% of all cats and dogs in shelters to get euthanized, I also could not forget all those road rescues…

    So the plan we’ve developed for Guardians of Angels’ Adoption Center for cats and dogs also includes plans for a triage center for wildlife.

    We know that far too many kittens, puppies, dogs and cats suffer every day, and we even have some statistics about that. With wildlife, we know they suffer and die, but we don’t know how many.

    Red Tailed Hawk

    What I do know is that if folks were encouraged to keep an eye out and were educated about what to do, knowing that there was a wildlife triage station in their area, they would be more likely to bring an animal in need where it can get help.

    We are not only co-creators with The Creator, we are also re-creators of our community. 

    To be compassionate means to suffer with, and if we are human enough to suffer with God’s innocent creatures, then we can bring our human resources to bear to save them.

    Guardians of Angels, a 501(c)3 organization

    My vision for a Chatham County Adoption Center includes a Wildlife Triage Station. It is my hope that we will have a county full of Good Samaritans who will stop to save or bless a life.

    I have no doubt that Chatham County will benefit and the very fiber of our community will be strengthened.

    To save one animal is to save them all. In the end, it is to save our own humanity.


    First printed at

    Terry Dorsey is the founder of Guardians of Angels, and serves in the role of communications director. For more information visit the website Like their Facebook Page at Follow them on Twitter at @GOAPittsboro. Terry can be reached at

  • Thu, August 02, 2012 8:42 AM | Anonymous
    We're excited and the greater Pittsboro community is excited that the former General Store Cafe' is reopening!

    Under the stewardship of Chef Greg Lewis, a Pittsboro resident and frequenter of the GSC, a new restaurant and general store will emerge this month!

    New logo! New designs. New menus. New colors. 
    They're working hard to create a whole new experience for the town and all the rest of us who drive in from all around for a fun day or night out.

    Chef Greg has been a corporate sponsor for years through his Catering by Design company in Cary. And Vance, the previous co-owner of the General Store Cafe helped us host many fundraisers. Vance and the team at the GSC were a huge part of the Pittsboro community, it's been hard on all of us having the GSC closed.

    We hope you've already seen that our annual Adoption Center dinner is going to be hosted at the Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store on Sunday, August 19 at 5pm. RSVP here.

    If you didn't catch the articles about the new Pittsboro Roadhouse we'll post some soon, or Google "Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store" and they'll pop up.

    We can hardly wait.
  • Wed, August 01, 2012 4:12 PM | Anonymous

    Be our guest at the Guardians of Angels Animal Adoption Center Dinner hosted at the Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store.

    Music will be from Raleigh's Robert Starling.

    Meet PBS' Roy Underhill from The Woodwright's Shop.

    Learn what you can do to help build an Adoption Center in Pittsboro.
  • Fri, January 13, 2012 11:37 PM | Anonymous
    Guardians of Angels is pleased to release the newest version of their proposal for an Adoption Center located in Chatham County, NC.

  • Wed, November 16, 2011 4:15 PM | Anonymous
    To whom it may concern:

    The 501(c)3, non-profit “Guardians of Angels” has long advocated for an animal adoption facility in, or very near the Town of Pittsboro. This discussion toward this goal began 5 ½ years ago.

    I strongly endorse this project and a Pittsboro location. Here’s why:

    Such a cooperative facility would help relieve the pressure on the county animal shelter of overpopulation of good adoptable dogs. CCAC has but 20 indoor/outdoor dog runs. We often have to kill very good, adoptable dogs when space becomes a problem.

    The many, people who live in Cary, Apex and Western Wake would drive to Chatham to see the dogs and cats. They already like Chatham and Pittsboro. 

    A private adoption facility would give them another good reason to visit and spend money in restaurants, shops and other retailers, in addition to adopting our surplus dogs and cats.

    The most recent estimated projected cost of expanding the county animal shelter to include a co-located adoption facility is near $800,000.

    Guardians is a private non-profit. It’s financially advantageous for the county and the Town to engage Guardians by discussions and partial funding, renewable annually based on performance.

    Obviously Guardians needs to raise much private money. Guardians is already doing that and I believe private donations will greatly improve when local governments make noteworthy contributions.

    The bottom line for me as AC Manager and (here I’ll speak for) Krista Ritter, Animal Shelter Manager, is that we reduce the number of good dogs killed at the shelter due to lack of space and assure that they find good homes via outsourcing to a local private non-profit adoption facility.

    John Sauls
    Animal Control Director (retired)
  • Mon, September 19, 2011 11:35 PM | Anonymous

    Guardians of Angels is delighted to announce that PBS' host of The Woodwright's Shop, Roy Underhill, has agreed to be the first Honorary Chairperson of our Adoption Center campaign.

    Roy Underhill gave the go-ahead to Terry Dorsey and confirmed that he will indeed be attending the campaign kick-off on Saturday September 24, 2011!
  • Thu, September 15, 2011 10:38 PM | Anonymous

    We're very happy we have the support and help of the following Corporate Sponsors for the Guardians of Angels Adoption Center Campaign Kick-off. These businesses are in Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex and Siler City. Find out how you can sponsor Guardians of Angels today!

    URG in Chapel Hill, a company developing air measuring technologies.

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