Why Does Chatham County Need an Animal Adoption Center? - by Terry Dorsey

Thu, September 20, 2012 1:46 PM | Anonymous
A kind woman called me today to ask me why we needed an Animal Adoption Center when we have organizations like C.A.R.E. Chatham Animal Rescue and Education.

I explained that C.A.R.E. is a rescue group, like Pet Savers NC

Local rescue groups pull animals from shelters, like the Chatham Shelter to foster and adopt them. 

The purpose of Guardians of Angels (GOA) is to build an Animal Adoption Center like those in other counties. 

GOA fully supports the efforts of rescue groups as they do great and essential work. It's oranges and apples, I explained. We need the efforts of a whole community of animal protectors to end pet homelessness.

Despite the heroic efforts of rescue groups, and even other centers like Paws4Ever in Orange County and the SPCA in Wake County, who routinely pull animals from county shelters, too many cats and dogs are euthanized every week. Per the Chatham Shelter's statistics, 80% of the cats and 50% of the dogs are euthanized. There's just that many homeless pets out there.

So to make a dent in the suffering of these animals, we need to add more resources to the system, and an Animal Adoption Center is a core resource to add in the County. 

GOA didn't come up with the idea, the idea came out of the Chatham Shelter: a former director of Chatham County Animal Control proposed the idea of an Animal Adoption Center for Chatham County. The County Shelter does not want to euthanize adoptable animals. But they need our help is making this Center a reality.

It is going to take the efforts of the whole animal protection community: 
  • the County Shelter, 
  • ALL the rescue groups, 
  • a focused spay and neuter program and,
  • the proposed Adoption Center.
The proposed Animal Adoption Center for Chatham County is intended to house dogs, cats, kittens and puppies for long periods until they can be matched with their life-long guardian. It's intended to be an inviting and friendly place where families, seniors and children all feel welcome and get a chance to interact with the animals and learn about animal care.

The Animal Adoption Center is intended to ADD resources to the animal protection community, not take any away. We will always need rescue groups, we are just focused on a different kind of resource to help support all of our objectives - to end pet homelessness in Chatham County and euthanization.

GOA recommends that you take action: 
  • write commissioners, 
  • join a team, 
  • support events, and 
  • donate to make it happen.
AND, when we are supporting the mission to end animal homelessness and euthanasia, we also support the efforts of others. 

Yes, GOA is a long way from our one million dollar goal, but this is about the animals. We are NOT in competition with anyone for support and funding. Anything we can do along the way, anyone we can support will strengthen us all, lead to more cooperation, resources and success in ending the suffering of homeless pets.

At the end of our conversation, this kind lady said that she would support both C.A.R.E. and GOA. "That's great", I said. It makes no sense to stop doing what is being done in order to do something in the future.

When adoptable animals are saved, the whole community wins. But these animals need all of us, now and in the future.

Let's work together, support each other and make it happen.

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Post by Guardians of Angels founding member Terry Dorsey.


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