The Problem and the Solution

Here is a GOA update in summary:

- Conversation has begun about converting the Chatham County Animal Shelter into a modern Adoption Center. While years away, this may result in a total refurbishing of the current location, or a new building elsewhere. This private/public partnership has potential to greatly increase the size, funding and services for animals in the county.

- A process to update the County's Animal Ordinances which will include a tethering ordinance. A tethering ordinance limits the number of consecutive hours that any animal owner can "tether" (or tie) a dog. Consideration for the right size pens, shelter and water will most likely be included.

- A design team has met with other groups to create an Inclusive Dog & Cat Issues Workshop tentatively scheduled for Saturday June 8. The intent here is to discover animal issues and problems in the county in order to develop effective solutions and cooperation. The hope is to include all organized rescue groups, Animal Control, the Health Department and others who have a stake in these important issues. The workshop will be facilitated by a professional facilitator.

- The annual Guardians of Angels dinner is Sunday, August 25 - 5:00 pm at the Pittsboro Roadhouse. This year's featured speaker is Tom Waniewski of Waniewski Associates. Tom is an Emmy winning journalist for his groundbreaking story on Dog Fighting. A specialist in media relations, Tom is also a Toledo City Councilman and has been recognized for his work in securing funding for social services. Of course our celebrity spokesman Roy Underhill from PBS will also share his humor and unique animal insights. 

Pathways to Ending Animal Suffering in Chatham County: 

- An Untethering ordinance

- Improve/add breeding ordinances

- A summit with other animal groups

- Create benchmarks

- An ever expanding Spay/Neuter (S/N) fund

- Adoption days in PBO via rented space

- A Transport Van

- Mapping and targeting problem areas

- A mobile S/N unit with incentives targeting problem areas

- A Shelter renovation which doubles capacity and visitor traffic

- A Cooperative Adoption Center!                         

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