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Polar Bears and Wildlife in Peril

UPDATE: The senate will soon be voting on the "Sportsmen's Act" and your two U.S. Senators need to hear from you immediately.

On federal lands across the nation, deer nibble on new green shoots, foxes snug in their dens, and doves flit from branch to branch. These, and millions of other animals besides, are blissfully unaware of a bill looming in Congress that would turn their worlds upside down.

The so-called "Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act of 2014" (S. 2363) is a devious bill that combines several radical hunting proposals into one package. In a single swoop, this legislation would open millions of acres of public lands -- including sensitive Wilderness Areas -- to hunting and fur trapping, at the expense of other land users and endangered and threatened species. It would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from even considering the issue of toxic lead ammunition which poisons wildlife and the environment. And it would permit the latest in a series of import allowances for sport-hunted polar bear trophies from Canada, encouraging trophy hunters to escalate the killing of threatened species around the globe.

Please make a brief, polite phone call to your two U.S. Senators, urging opposition for S. 2363. Look up your senators' phone numbers here. You can say: "I would like you to please oppose S. 2363, the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act of 2014."

After making your phone call (please do not skip that crucial step!), personalize and submit the letter in the form below to automatically send a follow-up message. We encourage you to add your own thoughts or comments about this legislation in the editable portion, so your federal legislators know how important this issue is to you personally.

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Join the Movement to Build an Animal Adoption Center in Pittsboro. Take part in our letter writing campaign.

Benefits of an Animal Adoption Center:
  • Reduced euthanasia rate for cats and dogs in Chatham County
  • Visible location that brings visitors and consumers to the county 
  • Long term care of adoptable kittens, puppies, dogs and cats 
  • Inviting environment that facilitates life-long adoptions 
  • Enhanced matching and adoption process 
  • Community service opportunity for students, seniors and residents 
  • Ongoing events and education about pet and wildlife care 
  • Animal Control assistance and support
Together, we will surprise ourselves with what we can do. Let's leave a legacy that we can be proud of.


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